Audiobook: De-stress Now. The Best 101 Relaxation Techniques

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Audiobook: De-stress Now. The Best 101 Relaxation Techniques

How to de-stress instantly and be happy. The best relaxation techniques that work instantly.

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The Main Benefits

Discover Tips To Relax and De-Stress Quickly. Live with Happiness, Relaxation, and Optimism. Discover Your True Values. Achieve a Calm and Harmonious State. Gain Confidence and Efficiency. Experience a Stress-Free and Wonderful Life.


Imagine you are swimming naked in the middle of the open sea with very little chance of survival. What do you think would hold the most value? Your house, your Porsche, your Rolex, your reputation in society? The author of this book once found himself in this exact situation. This experience changed his everything — his mind, his way of thinking, and who he is completely. He was reborn. But relaxation and enlightenment don’t just come to those who face life-changing, or traumatic experiences.

So please don’t feel the need to jump naked into the sea and swim for survival just yet. There are many other more suitable ways to relax, reassess your values, and learn to live a stressless and wonderful life. Max Ocean, the author of 101 Secrets of Relaxation tried a myriad of different relaxation techniques, meditations, yoga, and other strategies so you wouldn’t have to. This book is his advice to you on the top relaxation secrets and best techniques.

Whether it’s breathing exercises, anxiety relief techniques, self-motivation, or strategies to help you fall asleep fast — this book has it all. Regardless of what technique you ultimately choose from the 101 relaxation secrets, you will experience immense pleasure and a chance to live a happier, more relaxed and joyful life. This book is the key to changing your perspective and your life. Relaxation and happiness go hand in hand, so read on, do the work, and prepare for good things ahead.

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