E-book: Fortunellascope

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E-book: Fortunellascope

48 Inspirational Predictions for Every Day.

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The Main Benefits

Set Yourself Up for a Better Life. Experience the Magic of Positive Change and Elevated Moods. Enjoy More Confidence, Harmony, and Happy Moments in Your Life. Bring Out the Best in Yourself. Develop All Areas of Life. Bask in a Harmonious, Balanced Everyday Life.


Do you want to receive wise and inspiring predictions for every day?

Give yourself a little magic every morning, and get a self-fulfilling prophecy which will assist you in feeling more confident, harmonious and happier day after day.

Meet our beautiful Fortunella – a magical oracle. Every day, Fortunella makes only useful and positive predictions based on her deep wisdom and your random choices. When you follow the advice of Fortunella, you immediately set yourself up for a better life.

Allow your inner child to trust Fortunella, follow her little predictions and advice daily, and enjoy the magic of positive change.

You may ask, what is Fortunellascope? You see, it is a psychological metaphor and a game that is based on the most important human core values and the effect of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

These 48 little predictions for every day will bring out the best in yourself and give you a dose of pleasant emotion, as well as a positive mood.

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