Audiobook: Purring Relaxation and Other Cat Strategies

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Audiobook: Purring Relaxation and Other Cat Strategies

Relaxation and Breathing Exercises, Anti-Stress Techniques to Beat Anxiety for Good. Cats Know How to Meditate, Do You?


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The Main Benefits

Settle Into Relaxation Instantly. Swiftly Revive Your Positive Emotional Balance. Heal from Stress and Find Pleasure in Simple Things. Revel in Greater Harmony Within. Bask in Emotional Warmth and Positive Thoughts. Let Purring Curate Joy in the Present Moment.


Have you ever envied your cat? Cats radiate warmth and positive energy — they know how to enjoy and live life in the present — seems like there’s a lot we can learn from these tiny Zen masters.

Us people on the other hand, we live stressful lives, often riddled with tension and anxiety.
This book was created to help solve these problems and learn from our cats — who have a lot to teach us about relaxation and being in tune with our bodies. You will learn how to reconnect with your relaxed state, how to enhance your sensitivity, and how to compensate for stress, while reducing anxiety.

This book is essentially all about how to learn to relax deeply, how to fill yourself with positive vibrations and silently purr inside — like our feline friends.

You will meet an adorable cat named Relexa, who will teach you how to mimic his feline relaxation tricks and strategies. And a professional psychologist Olga, who will translate cat language into human language — helping you to feel as totally relaxed, harmonious, super-sensitive and self-sufficient as possible.

This book contains best five-minute meditations that you can listen to whenever you need to destress.

Practicing the guided exercises, you will also be able to master catlike grace. You will feel naturally confident and in complete harmony with your body.

Feline strategies may seem very easy and playful, however, in the end you will find that you have made a real leap in developing both physical and emotional intelligence.

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